Astrolabes from Medieval Europe, Aldershot & Burlington VT: Ashgate - Variorum, (Variorum Collected Studies Series CS977), 2011, ISBN 978-1-4094-2593-9, LCCN 2010940591

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I      Astronomical instruments between East and West

II     The earliest European astrolabe in the light of other early astrolabes

III    Rewriting history through instruments: The secrets of a medieval astrolabe from Picardy

IV    The medieval Catalan astrolabe of the Society of Antiquaries, London

V     A remarkable Italian astrolabe from ca. 1300 – Witness to an ingenious Islamic tradition of non-standard astrolabes

VI    An astrolabe from Einbeck datable ca. 1330

VII   The star-names on three 14th-century astrolabes from Spain, France and Italy

VIII  A vetustissimus Arabic text on the quadrans vetus

IX    14th-century England or 9th-century Baghdad? New insights on the origins of the elusive astronomical instrument called the Navicula de Venetiis

X     The astrolabe depicted in the intarsia of the Studiolo of Archduke Federico in Urbino

XI    The astrolabe presented by Regiomontanus to Cardinal Bessarion in 1462

XII   An ordered list of European astrolabes up to ca. 1500 (previously unpublished)