Islamic Astronomy and Geography, Aldershot & Burlington VT: Ashgate - Variorum, (Variorum Collected Studies Series CS1009), 2012, ISBN 978-1-4094-4201-1, LCCN 201231346

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I           Islamic astronomy (no. 170)

II          From inscriptions to context: Some Islamic astronomical instruments and their secrets (no. 228)

III         Illustrations in Islamic scientific manuscripts (no. 149)

IV        Aspects of Fatimid astronomy: From hard-core mathematical astronomy to architectural orientations in Cairo (no. 195)

V         Mamluk astronomy and the institution of the muwaqqit (no. 180)

VI        On the history of astronomy in the medieval Maghrib (see no. 239)

VII       A Hellenistic astrological table deemed worthy of being penned in gold ink: The Arabic tradition of Vettius Valens’ auxiliary function for finding the length of life (no. 224, newly formatted)

VIII      The sacred geography of Islam (no. 238)

IX        Al-Bazdawî and the qibla in early Islamic Transoxania (no. 65)

X         Too many cooks ... – A newly-rediscovered account of the first Islamic geodetic measurements (no. 201)

XI        A world-map in the tradition of al-Bîrûnî (ca. 1040) and al-Khâzinî (ca. 1120) presented by Sirâj al-Dîn al-Sajâwandî (1210) (no. 240)

XII       Mathematical geography in 15th-century Egypt – An episode in the decline of Islamic science (no. 245, newly formatted)